7th July 7:37am (GMT-5)

France (Vallub) - Germany (Fuji) 04.06.2020

France (Vallub)

1 - 3

Germany (Fuji)

1st Half
1:01' goal France (Vallub)

5:51' goal Germany (Fuji)
7:12' goal Germany (Fuji)
2nd Half

13:02' goal Germany (Fuji)
Match details
1 Score 3
2` Goal 1 — 0
6` Goal 1 — 1
8` Goal 1 — 2
14` Goal 1 — 3

The match between France (Vallub) and their rivals from Germany (Fuji) is held as part of the competition of FIFA. Cyber PRO League.
Time of the match: 04.06.2020 06:55

History of previous oppositions between the team of France (Vallub) and the team of Germany (Fuji):
The match of France (Vallub) and Germany (Fuji) on 19.06.2020 ended with the score of 7:4.
The opposition of France (Vallub) and Germany (Fuji) on 02.06.2020 ended with the score of 3:4.

Summary of the participants:
Team: France (Vallub)

Team: Germany (Fuji)

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